HEARTLAND – Season 10, Episode 15 – First Look

Here is your first look at the ALL-NEW Heartland - episode 1015: Forest for the Trees.


Don’t miss an all-new Heartland – episode 1015: Forest for the Trees this sunday, March 5th at 7PM/7:30NT on CBC!

If you can’t quite wait that long, here is a little taste of the new episode.

No more interuptions, Canada. There are four remaining Heartland season 10 episodes to be broadcast and there are four Sundays this month, so let’s run the table and finish the season before month’s end. If you have not already marked your calendars, here is how season 10 winds down…

This Sunday, March 5: NEW Episode 1015 (More on that in this blog).
Next Sunday, March 12: NEW Episode 1016.
The following Sunday, March 19: NEW Episode 1017.
The Sunday after that, March 26: NEW Season Finale, Episode 1018.

And then emptiness. A void, a gap or vacancy; a feeling of hollowness as we await the hopeful word that Heartland will have an eleventh season on CBC. We are no strangers to the anticipation. As season 7 ended we endured the “Wait for Eight.” As season 8 drew to a close we suffered through the “Pine for Nine.” One year ago we were crossing our fingers as we felt the “Yen for Ten.” This year I’m skipping the rhyme and just calling it the “Season Eleven Watch”. The bottom line is that I am very optimistic and sometime in the next few weeks I will let everyone know, one way or another, if my optimism is on solid ground.