Ethnic standup-comedy show seeks the colour of funny

The long-running Most Races Show on Earth!, founded by a man from Markham who says it brings more than race-related jokes to Toronto this week.


The Most Races Show on Earth! (say it out loud) is coming to Toronto.

Founded back in 2004, the touring standup-comedy show that prides itself on — and builds itself around — its culturally diverse roster was the brainchild of Markham-born comedian Neil Bansil.

“During that time, there were very few shows on mainstream comedy clubs that represented the diversity that Toronto had,” recalled Bansil, who relocated to Atlanta in 2006.

“It’s not a bunch of comedians telling race-related jokes for an hour. It’s more about the opportunity to bring people together . . . Comedy is just the vehicle that brings them together. ”

The Star got a sample of jokes from the comedians that will be featured during the show’s two-night run, Wednesday and Thursday, at Adelaide Hall.

Daniel Tirado

“I’m Polish/Peruvian, my wife is Japanese/Egyptian. My kid is Polish/Peruvian/Japanese/Egyptian. We wanted to create a superhero.”


“My parents want me to marry within my background, which I’m totally against same-race marriages. Mix it up! It’s so obvious that mixed people are so much hotter than most of us. The best mix . . . half Asian, half it doesn’t matter. I have a good rule of thumb for single people in finding your next partner. The more disappointed your parents are in their ethnic background, the better looking your kids are going to be.”

Rob Haze

“Someone stole the licence plate off the back of my car, so I had to put up a temporary tag on the back window that said ‘Stolen Tag.’ I got pulled over and the police officer, he said the most racist thing a police officer has ever said to me, he was just like, ‘Well . . . all I saw was stolen.’ Do you think I stole the car, and left you a note? Like I’m a thief, but I’m an honest thief.”

Sheng Wang

“My parents are immigrants. The whole idea of immigration sounds crazy. Can you imagine leaving home, right now. You just leave all your friends, all your family. You move to a completely foreign country, just so your offspring can have more opportunities . . . and then your kid goes into standup comedy. You’re like, ‘Dang son, that’s too much opportunities! We didn’t come here for that. We wanted you to not work in a factory, we didn’t want you to follow your dreams!’ ”

Tickets for Wednesday’s show are available onlineEND. Thursday is sold out.